Ignorant TPLF regime of Ethiopia

The government has the responsibility of protecting its citizens from any sort of assaults or attacks. Well-functioning of the security system for the citizens whether inside or outside the country must be ensured by the government. To protect the right of individuals, diplomatic or foreign relations are made between two or more countries. The contracting countries will be benefited by socio-economic and social-political values from their foreign relation. Individuals who crossed other countries` border illegally, could be arrested or immediately returned to the homeland without getting harmed or inhumane treatment.

 TPLF regime which has been failed and ignored has abandoned the people of Ethiopia. Hundred thousands of Ethiopian people leave the country due to worsened socio-economic and socio-poletical condition of the regime. many of the people stream to the middle-east. Most of the migrants are young women who go there to serve as a domestic worker (house maid). After they start their work, confiscation of travel document, rape, harassment, ill-treatment, long hours of work and exploitation starts. Since most of these women are too young and cannot withstand the condition. As a result, they commit suicide.

Currently, the Saudi Arabian police and civilians are hunting down Ethiopians and brutally killing, gang raping, beating and torturing them. The blood of our brothers flowing like a flood water on the streets of Riyad and the crying voice of suffering and rapped sisters are going on. This murderous campaign by the Saudis is an organized effort by the state security forces and civilian vigilante gangs armed with knives, guns and sticks going house to house dragging Ethiopian women, children and men and abusing them. Some has lost their lives, many more are injured and robbed their properties.

Most of these Ethiopians are trafficked to Saudi Arabia by agencies in Ethiopia that are a colleague with Saudi-Ethiopian billionaire Al-Amoudi and his associate mafia regime TPLF. The main goal of the partners is enriching themselves and earning high profit from the agencies but not the security of individuals. The above mentioned and associated inhumane treatments against Ethiopians are not done only outside their country but inside Ethiopia too. During such incidence, the interaction or response of Ethiopian government for its citizens was very poor and discouraging. On the other side, the Embassy at Riyad was too late to give travel document  for illegal migrants and the officials  were asking more money (doing corruption) for processing their traveling document. From the ministry of information, ato Shemels Kemal was defending being on the side of Saudi government saying that Saudi is autonomous nation, it has the right to take any measure on any illegal individuals.

In the mean time the Embassy at Riyad was closed and was not able to deliver any service  when the victims were   calling for any help. When the Diaspora protest against Saudi in front of their Embassy all over the world, Ethiopians inside the country were trying to protest against Saudi at their Embassy in Addis Ababa, unfortunately the same history was repeated to the citizens by their own federal policemen. All were insulted, beaten and imprisoned including old people. The Ethiopians faced such sufferings inside and outside their country due to the failed administration of Tigrean People Liberation Front (TPLF).

All Ethiopians wish to get back every single drop of blood of the killed people from the hands of TPLF regime and its counterpart Saudi Arabians. TPLF is the soul selling bandit groups and irresponsible mafia regime is not taking any action to stop further human rights violations and killings in Saudi Arabia. Even if the action is taken, the actions could be very mild and unfair since TPLF will not act series enough toward the Saudis. The regime will take in to account its mutual theft web with Saudi Mafias in Ethiopia. The core idea of the failed Ethiopian government is enriching itself and its foreigner partners. The more we look at deep in to the system of TPLF government; they sold us and are selling us for foreigners. Our lands are confiscated, our people are enslaved, our sisters are rapped and exploited, our brother’s blood flow on the streets of foreign lands everywhere in the world.  We become the abandoned people like flocks without herdsman.

Here the main unanswered puzzle is, what does the TPLF regime is doing when our brothers slaughtered and sisters rapped in the Saudi Arabia?  Even if these people are in foreign land illegally, they should be returned safely back to their homeland as long as they are not criminals.  But killing and rapping immigrants are inhumane and crime against international law. The TPLF regime has proved that its alliance with Saudis by ignoring Ethiopians to be killed by Arabs.

To gain back our national dignity all Ethiopians should fight against the TPLF regime. The ignorant regime made us the stateless people throughout the world. The biased and one sided foreign policy, the regime benefiting economic strategy, priority of benefit than security of citizens are the missions of woyane government. The central purpose of government in a country is to be the role model for, and protector of, equality and freedom and our associated human rights. Policy of exporting tremendous young working forces (40,000 per month) as a commodity should be stopped soon. Every individual in Ethiopia has  his own potential and capacity, but unless we unite we will not be able to eliminate the current regime from Ethiopia. 

By: Syit DA



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