TPLF (Tigrean People Liberation Front) has political employees in religious institutions of Ethiopia

By definition of democracy, every individual and institution has his own right to practice any religious activities in their own  institution either in church or in mosque.  Freedom of religion in Ethiopia remains on the paper. Every member of any religious organization is found full of tension and fear when they go out of home for religious events. Any activities of every religious individual is under control of the TPLF government due to afraid of “terrorism” and “extremism” charges.  It is unbelievable that how TPLF has assigned all of the people as “terrorist”. On the other hand, it is only TPLF government who becomes a real terrorist for safe life  of any people in Ethiopia so that they can mask the weakness and incapability of their leadership and as a result they can extend age of their power. Employment of servants in churches or mosques is carried out only based on their political view and place of origin, not based on knowledge. No one will be assigned as a leader in any position of the church or mosque unless he is TPLF supporter or come from Tigrea region. Then, responsibility of the allocated “leader” in church or mosque will be undertaking orders from politicians instead of orders from the God. Such “leaders” have no any worries for any injustices as long as they are highly paid by TPLF and as long as they stay in power.  According to TPLF, any plan, budget and content of religious ceremony should be first checked, proven and allowed by politicians, if not such movement will be named as a “terrorism” act.

“Dimitsachin Yisema” opposition group of the Muslim religion has protest against TPLF always on Fridays after their prayer. During this movement the TPLF involved Policemen as civilians among the protesting population in the mosque to disturb their program so that they can target, beat and prison “the most wanted” individuals as causative agents of the disturbance like for example journalists, camera woman, activists and opposition political leaders were among the victims in the previous protest.

During the meetings of Popes of Ethiopian Orthodox church, it is always a must to have government representative during their meeting. From higher officials who is called Mr. Abay Tsehaye, unless he comes to their meeting either the meeting of the Popes will be cancelled or postponed. TPLF government is doing such things purposely to affects freedom, psychology of the pops so that they cannot discuss or talk their religious agendas free from any political view. Mr. Abay Tsehaye has power until canceling meeting of the Popes,  and he gives also warning to Popes  by going to their home individually for those ones who were resistant to the points during the meeting. If they persist in their stand, either they will be beaten my mafias while they are in their home or the will be disempower from their position. All these implies that TPLF government is on the way to reshape or redefine the Bible or Quran holy books in to the concept they want to be. The time is coming in Ethiopia when somebody should ask willingness of TPLF leaders for praying, fasting, and going to church or mosque. This is very strange in history of democracy that TPLF acts against freedom of religion in Ethiopia.

Death to TPLF, and freedom to our religions!!!

 Posted by: Syit DA

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