President of Ambo University to leave his job following Abuse of Students by the Federal Police


Eyewitness accounts of Ambo University, Awaro campus.
On Saturday evening, there was blackout. Students started shouting. Police warned them to stop, they didn’t. Yet, it appears there was no encounter between police and students that night.
*On Sunday morning, there was some stone throwing. After a while, the police went to dormitory buildings and told students to go out.
After some hesitation, the female students and male students in one building obliged. They were gathered in the field.
The rest two or three male students’ buildings were not willing. Then, the police went to the buildings and beat the students indiscriminately, hurting several students and breaking dormitory doors.
*On Sunday afternoon, the president gathered students. The meeting doesn’t seem successful. They wanted federal police to leave. He told them they can leave instead.

An unknown number of students left the campus.
Today, the president called urgent meeting of the Senate. I am told he was taking hardline. He reportedly said, “even I may leave this university, but the federal police will not”.


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