Ethiopia has neither a leader nor a government for twenty five years

BY:  Tesfaye Zerihun


An organized mafia group, who is running the country by a crime family called Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF) that has ruined the Ethiopian institutions by installing an ethnic apartheid systems, which is nowhere else to be seen in the world in 21st century. “No need to bit up a dead horse” much has been talked and so many have been written about this evil, and destructive force that calls itself a “Front”, which it still feels, where it was hiding under the bush, not knowing it is living with a modern society in a metropolitans city, unable to transform itself after twenty five years, and continuing to kill people, imprison en masse, destroy property and unabated stealing the wealth of the country.  Every Ethiopian and the world know very well an obvious destruction, which is undertaking with the TPLF’s rule. Let me say a few words about TPLF before I talk what has compelled me to write this article.

TPLF has come to power only by luck, that is when a cold-war was ended, that was a sitting Marxist ruler fled out of a country. TPLF itself a hardline Marxist, was the only armed group with a few short lived alliance such as an OLF and others were allowed by Western powers to fill in a power vacuum in the country. The power was handed to TPLF with a mandate to build up a democratic system; otherwise the Western powers would not provide financial assistances. The second luck to TPLF’s survival has come because of the rise of terrorist group in the word, and especial in the region. TPLF never won a war against a former regime as it tries to make us believe through its propaganda machineries, such as ETV. A power of military junta was already weakened by the struggle of Ethiopian people long before even the name TPLF was known to public. An undeniable fact about TPLF is its inherent lies to deceive the Western countries, but not the Ethiopian people. Its deceitfulness is an obvious one, for instance, its Foreign Minister, not a long ago told a VOA journalist, to an Amharic service, what his government has been saying for twenty five years; “democracy is a process”  I would like to answer this in a short sentence; democracy would not take place in a process. Democracy lives and exists, and it is a natural element to human, but it is a will of a government to be in a process, to allow or deny its people rights to democracy. In other word, TPLF has no willpower to allow a system of democracy to take place in Ethiopia. Its anti-terror law to hinder democracy, to silence and jail journalists and dissents is a well-known example to point out TPLF has no will to build democracy.

Now, I like to beat up a living horse. Let me turn into what has compelled me to write this article, I would like to blame no other than the opposition groups for the suffering of the Ethiopian people. Twenty five years under TPLF regime, people have been asking loud and clear the oppositions to come together to unite and solidify their power to fight back this evil force called TPLF. The oppositions have disregarded people’s plea; this is a serious setback to democracy and a continuous anguish of Ethiopians. The matter of the fact, opposition groups have contributed to the suffering of people, and ultimately strengthened TPLF to stay on power. The news media and writers have avoided the seriousness of this issue by centering their blame only on TPLF. For instance, some of them organized under an ethnic theme, which is a scheme of TPLF to divide and rule. This is indisputably has contributed a suspicion, and not to trust one another. The current uprisings in Oromia region, with the other regions to watch in silence are the direct outcome of mistrust created solely by this ethnic opposition groups. The so called Oromo intellectuals unswervingly have contributed to the distress of the Oromo people. These elites, so called intellectuals have robbed Oromo of their Ethiopian history, contributions and heritage of their country. They created a Latin alphabet, even for those non Oromo who speaks the language very difficult to read, obviously this is an isolationism orchestrated against the Oromo people. The people of Oromo must free itself from both TPLF and divisionary hypocrites of Oromo elites, and join hands with all Ethiopians to build freedom and democracy in the country.

In general, the Ethiopian opposition groups never to learn from the past to what had happened to EPRP and MEISON, and including the twenty five years under TPLF’s mafia reign. I should not go in detail about the title I have chosen for this article; I would like others to think over it. In short, I suggest to compare Ethiopia and Somalia; Somalia has no government but has a leader who voiced against the South African government when its citizens killed by South African’s mobs. In Ethiopia, citizens were beaten up and jailed when they came out to express their grief for those Ethiopians slaughtered by ISIS in Libya. The same was happened for those killed and humiliated by Saudi Arabian government. Indisputably, TPLF is an emissary to foreign forces, to those innately enemies to Ethiopia, and it is working day and night to disintegrate the country. Amusingly, TPLF’s Prime Minister, a comedian who reverberates the words of his dead god, refers those who are defending the territory of the country outlaws “(shifta)”. Is this a leader? Ethiopians would only gain their human decency by uniting together and throw out TPLF and its policy.

Finally, I would like to send my deepest heartfelt sorrow to my Ethiopian brothers and sisters who were murdered, maimed, and those still imprisoned, and to the public enlarge living under fear. I hope this fear would end very soon with united force to eliminate TPLF.

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