Boundless arrogance of TPLF due to uprising of Ethiopians

In less than six months after announcing a 100 percent electoral victory in national elections, the TPLF faces a formidable uprising of Ethiopian people. Unsurprisingly, the only response known to the government to the popular unrest is massive mobilization of security forces, including the army, and violent crackdowns resulting in deaths, severe beatings, and arbitrary imprisonments. The TPLF troops are cracking down and committing mercilessly killing of young boys, girls, and peaceful by standers. It is a desperate attempt to brutally crash the protest and same time terrorize the public at large. TPLF was compelled to publicly drop the Addis Ababa Master Plan in an attempt to quell the unrest.
TPLF was forced to back down in the face of popular opposition is the first in kind since it seized power in 1991. No doubt, the official announcement of a retreat was an extremely difficult one in view of the too familiar and boundless arrogance of the TPLF. One of manifestations of a weakened TPLF is the surrender of Ethiopia’s exclusive sovereignty of the so-called Renaissance Dam. Despite denials of the Ethiopian government, the recent agreement does stipulate that the filling of the dam requires a prior consensus with Egypt and Sudan; it also specifies that the latter will be given priority for the electricity generated by the dam. The impact of the collapse of stability is already visible in the recent declaration of the American government expressing deep concern over government’s crackdown on protesters and the precipitated shutdown of American base for drone operation in southern Ethiopia: even if military factors must have been the real reason for the decision, its official announcement at a time when the TPLF is losing face in the eyes of the international community looks like a betrayal of an ally that has no longer faith in the regime.
Another major consequence is the end of the myth of Ethiopian stability under the hegemony of the TPLF. Some such outcome is likely to be of great concern for Western governments and investors as well as for the growing Chinese involvements in Ethiopia. Western governments had so far turned a blind eye on the gross violations of human rights in Ethiopia as a ransom for the guarantee of stability and economic development in a continent too prone to political turmoils and violent conflicts. But when unrests multiply, especially when they come from the Oromo and Amhara regions in a united form, a deep crack in the very foundation of the regime will occur soon. Afraid of these things, TPLF is killing more than 150 people, arresting journalists, stronger opposition party members and University students.
The regime brutality response to unarmed protestors shall be condemned by all freedom loving people.The focus must be to bring an end to ethnic based ruling regime from power. No one wants to see a repeat of the TPLF’s regime ethnic policy by its successor.

Posted by:  Syit DA

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