TPLF is committing genocide to Amhara people

The crime of ethnic cleansing against the Amhara people has been underway since the injection of TPLF into the political scene. TPLF has been robbing and executing Amharas and nationalist people from Tigray since its days in Dedebit desert. And the ethnic cleansing has continued even after TPLF usurped power since 1991 until today. It has been a slow but deliberate process of ethnic cleansing committed by TPLF on the Amhara people. No wonder the population of the Amhara people has either remained constant in the last 20 years or has actually decreased by a few millions. And this has been reported on the make-shift TPLF “parliament” based on the study conducted by a group of researchers. They indicated that about two million Amharas may be missing from the statistics. TPLF declared war on the Amhara people in different ways:

1) Young Amharas could not get jobs especially government jobs even if they have degrees. Most of them are forced to become idle or take other menial jobs to feed their family or leave the country and go to the middle East.

2) When Amharas managed to open their own businesses, TPLF will either sabotage the businesses like poisoning their cows if it is a diary business for example. Or burning it to the ground. But if an Amhara owned businesses become successful for some reason, TPLF demands partnership by force. If the Amhara business man does not accept, TPLF will levy exorbitant taxes and drive them out of business and then immediately takes over the business.

3) Deliberate sterilization of Amhara women has been going on for years in the name of a vaccination campaign in Amhara region.

4) Intimidation, kidnapping, and execution of young patriotic Amharas have been going on for years.

5) In addition, nobody knows what happened to the thousands of Amharas expelled from Southern and Eastern Ethiopia as well as from Oromo region.

When TPLF went around telling false stories to different parts of Ethiopia that the Amharas did, building false and scare craw statue of an amputated breast as a constant reminder to keep them hating each other, not to be able to work together for greatness and prosperity due to their unity, further creating divisions within indivisible units in Gondar by saying “Kimant-Amhara”, creating unknown distrust so that their ones is removed and start internecine wars of delusion and then survival will eventually be their fate, in order not to reclaim “Welkaite-Tegede-Telement” as theirs but instead remain TPLF resource of fortunes and wealth of power for all time, we all knew that it was just a strategy. In addition, Ethiopian Prime Minister has already signed to give the land from Amhara region to Sudan government.  The Ethiopian people view the government’s decision to demarcate the boundary on Sudan’s terms as nothing less than a sellout. Many innocent peoples of Amhara around Sudan border have lost their lives and properties as a result of the rising tension on the border.

The good thing is that the Ethiopian people are well understand not only the intent but the actual actions TPLF is doing and want to do all the time and therefore you have to be determined to get rid of this arsonist group of no conscience for once and for all.

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