The TPLF´s regime brutality response to unarmed protestors shall be condemned

The Tigray People Liberation Front’s (TPLF) master plan that was designed without people participation has faced strong opposition in Oromia region. For past several weeks, the vast majority Oromo students have displayed peaceful legitimate defiance to the plan. The TPLF’s agaize troops and local riot police reacted with full force. They opened fire on peaceful protestors committing killing, in discriminate beating, torturing and arresting in attempt to crash the protest.  Despite to this horrific situation a series of anti-TPLF rallies has continued in several places. Calling to disban the master plan implementation, to stop the ongoing land grab policy immediately, a transition to democracy and end to tyrannical single tribal rule are some of their demand. The regime brutality response to unarmed protestors shall be condemned by all freedom loving people.

The TPLF troops are cracking down and committing mercilessly killing of young boys, girls, and peaceful by standers. It is a desperate attempt to brutally crash the protest and same time terrorize the public at large. This action is similar to the red terror dark period of Ethiopia history. At this horrific situation, it is important for us to stand together with the protestors.

It is no brainer encouraging narrow ethnic politics will further cements TPLF grip in power.  Ethnic based extreme ideology brings nothing and will have no positive impact for the society peace and progress. It is a fact that the opposition parties at home are prevented to have solidarity rally with protestors. TPLF’S policy has being played out the ethnic division rule the past 25 years. That is enough experience. Let speak out with one voice against divide and rule TPLF’S policy.

It is unfortunate to see TPLF’S tribalism policy ruining our beloved motherland. Unless it is countered by pro-democratic forces, it is bound to more tragic event. What we wish to see is all inclusive voice and then to turn around the defiance to lead it to de facto freedom.  We should not only support the protest but also agitate for freedom, equality, and unity among Ethiopian people. The on line media should be used to galvanize the aspiration and interest of Ethiopian public opinion.  We must learn from TPLF failed policy to prevent the rise of another version TPLF rule.

Posted by: Desalegne Abebew, Schöneck Germany

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