TPLF is still continuing being Genocider of Ethiopians

TPLF-backed militia have perpetrated the most heinous human rights violations by massacring one of the most neglected and disadvantaged citizens in Ethiopia, Gambella people. The fact that this crime was committed under the watch of the TPLF regime makes the regime no less responsible. This tragedy is a continuation of massacres and killings instigated by the wrong-headed ethnic policies of the regime that is terminally pitting one ethnic group against another. As the Ethiopian people and the international community, at large, know, the recent crime committed against the Gambella people is just another act of genocide by the TPLF/EPRDF regime against our people in the name of democracy.

The regime’s army has indiscriminately mowed down civilians, women, children, and elders of in Gambella. Reliable sources have reported that the number of people killed in this massacre estimated to reach more than two hundred.  Such kind of barbaric acts of the regime in power have been well documented and registered, as they have occurred in the past. Similar acts of massacres have been committed against the peaceful civilians in Arba Gugue,  at Anwar mosque in Addis Ababa and else where

In Ethiopia, the minority Tigrayan regime has committed countless crimes against humanity in the Ogaden, the Gambella and other places. The people of Ethiopia and the region have collectively raised all pertinent issues ad nauseam and detailed the human rights and other major violations committed by Tigray People’s Liberation Front TPLF/EPRDF that altered the makeup and trajectories of Ethiopia and the region. In 25 years the Tigrai People’s Liberation Front victimized millions and hampered cooperation within the region.

A nation needs nationalist leadership that can establish institutions to benefit all, a political system that inspires hope. It needs economic programs that meet the needs of a nation, judiciary that ensure legal system and empower the publics; it needs balanced social structures, governance that is representative of the diversity and defense forces that ensure national safety.  Ethiopia is facing serious and dangerous challenges. These challenges also present the best opportunity for change. To face these challenges head-on, the biggest hurdle is cleansing Ethiopia of Weyane and the ugly agendas of hate and division that they brought forward.

on BBC, Mr Hailemariam Desalegn said neither South Sudan’s army nor rebel forces were involved in Friday’s attack.The prime minister added that “primitive and destructive forces kill people here at various times by moving from place to place…….I think, this destructive forces are  olnly TPLF, nothing else.

Above all a united approach and united voice is what will defeat TPLF. And more than ever, it appears that there is a realization that is the only option.

Death to TPLF !!!!

By: Desalegne Abebew

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