I am standing for real justice, freedom, true democracy and development in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a famous country by its history and natural resources. Even though it has all of these potentials, the country is still one of the under-developed countries in the world. This is the result of the poor administration of the existing government. In addition, the TPLF is a racist regime. It is known by making genocide crime against Amhara people.

Justice4Ethiopia is an open blog aiming to trigger a global uprising against war, poverty, & misery in Africa  especially in Ethiopia. It advocates and also is dedicated exclusively to Ethiopia and Africans in giving inspiration on economic, social and political affairs. I regard freedom of expression as the primary right without which one cannot have a proper functioning democracy.  Realizing the fact that the digital age has empowered and made ordinary people  across the world irrepressible beyond their imagination.

In Ethiopia there is no freedom of speaking and writing, due to this many journalists are still found imprisoned.  There is no also free access of social media in our country, as a result, my blog tries to become voice for those voiceless community. In general this blog is opened aimed to bring justice, freedom, equality, and true democracy in Ethiopia.

ፍትሕ መጽሔት ፩ኛ እትም (Fitih Magazine First Edition)

ፍትሕ መጽሔት ፪ኛ እትም (Fitih Magazine Second Edition)

ፍትሕ መጽሔት ፫ኛ እትም (Fitih Magazine Third Edition)

ፍትሕ መጽሔት ፬ኛ እትም (Fitih Magazine Fourth Edition)

ፍትሕ መጽሔት ፭ኛ እትም (Fitih Magazine Fifth Edition)

ፍትሕ መጽሔት ፮ኛ እትም (Fitih Magazine Sixth Edition)

ፍትሕ መጽሔት ፯ኛ እትም (Fitih Magazine Seventh Edition)

ፍትሕ መጽሔት ፰ እትም (Fitih Magazine Eighth Edition)

ፍትሕ መጽሔት ፱ እትም (Fitih Magazine Ninth Edition)


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